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Tutoring Teachers


Linda has been teaching for over 30 years. She currently teaches full time as a Special Education Teacher and Specialist, OCT.  She is qualified as a Reading Recovery Teacher and has a proven track record for helping students make gains in their learning. She has a passion to teach reading, writing and mathematics.


Anjana is a recently retired teacher of 27 years. She has qualifications in, and ample experience teaching Special Education, Mathematics, Reading, and Computer technology, and certification using Google apps.

She also holds an Early Childhood Education diploma.

Anjana is a strong advocate for equity, social justice, and personal and social well-being. In her free time, Anjana is engaged in reading, editing written work, gardening, political campaigns, calligraphy, walks with her dog, and networking.

Homework Helpers 

Georgia Reed - Orange Roots Photo.jpg

Georgia is a second-year student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, majoring in Biology. She graduated from high school in Erin, Ontario in the French Immersion program, and has received her DELF B2 certificate. Georgia has experience working as a math, science, French, and literacy tutor, and in other teaching capacities as a ski instructor and camp counsellor. 


Grace is a senior attending Youngstown State University, in Youngstown, OH. She was an
Honour Roll high school graduate and now holds a 3.9 GPA while majoring in Middle
Childhood Education, focusing on Math and Science. She is originally from Shelburne,
Ontario but goes to school in the States to play Division 1 lacrosse. While attending school,
she continues to get ample experience helping students with math and reading from
working at local schools with kids of all ages.

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