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Grade 9-12 Services

Homework Help

​​​​* Bring your work from class (homework, notes to review, test prep, or test review etc.) and go through them with one of our University students. Only one month commitment.

Monthly Subscription​​​​​​

    ~ Light (4 hours of support)

    ~ Regular (8 hours of support)

    ~ Intensive (12 hours of support)

Drop in Support

* Just need an hour or two to prep for a test? No-commitment support is available. We just ask for 24 hours notice on cancellations.


Getting Started 

- Choose your package and pay

- Choose your meeting times using our Booking Calendar 

- A link for the Google Meet call will be sent to your email for the session

- You're all set

All that's required during sessions is a laptop or tablet and a strong wifi connection

Why Orange Roots Online Tutoring?

* We specialize in and focus (most of) our work in mathematics

We have a large repertoire of engaging lesson ideas and strategies to reach a wide range of learning needs. We love math and strive to help others see the beauty in it as well. If you are looking for Reading and Writing support - inquire, as we occasionally offer this service as well. 

* We provide support from certified teachers with special education experience (learning disabilities)

Many tutors out there aren't certified teachers and although may be very knowledgeable of their subject matter, not know how to teach it to various students with different learning needs. 

* We provide an overall academic mentorship approach 

What exactly is holding your child back from being more successful? We support in organization, time management, note taking, study skills, motivation and confidence, self advocacy, and/ or resourcefulness. We offer to consult with your child's teacher for setting academic goals.

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